Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our family...

Who is that family walking by with 6 little children?  Why, that's the Oswald clan.  Who are the Oswalds, you ask?  Well.....

David: child of God, husband, father, principle, bread winner.  He is an electrical engineer, working for the local utility.  In addition, he is involved in church as a deacon, guitarist for praise band, and bible study leader.  He has a passion for theology and apologetics, and enjoys helping late high school/ early college-age students know how to be firm in their faith.  He is a wonderful father and has the hearts of all of his children and his wife.

Sarah:  child of God, wife, mother, teacher, keeper at home, blog author.  That's me!!  I enjoy artistic creativity in many genres including drawing and music.  I like the adventure and challenge of teaching our children at home.  I am a deacon's wife and help David lead a bible study at church.  I have a passion for teenage young ladies, and a heart to teach young wives and mothers who are just getting started.  My goal is to be a blessing to my husband, children, family, friends, and anyone I meet in order to bring glory to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Rachel- 10:  Rachel is my biggest helper.  She has a nurturing spirit and loves to help with the twins.  She is fun, playful, and likes to organize things and people.  :o)  God has given her the gift of music, allowing her to sing and play the piano.  She has recently expressed interest in taking up photography.

Miriam-7:  Miriam is little Mommy #2.  She, like her big sister,  helps out a lot with the babies.  She is quick to jump up to help Daddy or Mommy with even the toughest chores.  She is our little cuddler and can always be relied on for a hug.  She adores horses and is currently taking riding lessons.

Hannah-5:  Hannah may be little, but she's got a big personality.  Everything she does, she does with flare.  She has a smile that will brighten any room, and is quick to make friends.  She likes to color everything in rainbows, and enjoys to dance and perform.

Joel-2:  Joel is our little big boy.  He is Daddy and Mommy's little man and is ALL BOY.  His favorite activities involve cars, trains, and anything where he can hit a ball.  He likes to help Mommy with all her chores by doing heavy lifting and showing off his big strength and big heart.

Levi and Leah:  The twins were born in March and we are still getting to know them day by day.  They are already very different from one another.  Levi is a big grower and quick to smile.  He is strong and steady as they come.  He is also very particular with what he wants.  Leah on the other hand is very petite.  She is our delicate little flower.  She likes to make eye contact while cooing and smiling.  She is also more laid back in her preferences.  Having twins has been a real blessing!

That's our family in a nutshell.  Our days are full of fun and laughter, as well as trials, conflict, and hard work.

We look forward to sharing more about our life as a family and our convictions on parenting, motherhood/fatherhood, discipleship, running a household for a big family, recipes, etc.

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