Monday, June 3, 2013

Being a blessing...

Lately, the same prayer has been coming from my heart morning after morning, asking the Lord to show me how to love my husband and children well.  After several days, He gave me some revelation on my desire to love better.  He said to be a blessing!
So often, I fail in my attitudes, thoughts, desires, actions, yet God still blessed me in those times.  Aren't we supposed to love each other in the same way?  It's way too easy to dish out blessings to one another based on whether or not we feel the person deserves it.  Or to make what could be a blessing seem like a burdensome chore. So often I find myself forgetting that every pair of socks I match, every dirty diaper I change is an act of love.  I, then, must go to the Lord and let Him clean up my attitude.  I need to seek to bring blessing to my husband and children even when their attitudes, actions, and words stink.  A kind word of encouragement or a sincere smile can infiltrate the filth, and change the whole course of a day.  It is not based on the other person's performance, but rather our own willingness to obey God no matter what .  Ladies and gentlemen, let's be a blessing to our spouse's and children today, and see how the grace of God can carry over into all other areas of life.

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